Create a numerical keypad that populates several input fields that are active?

Apr 27, 2016


I want to create several numerical input fields for a project.

I want to create a Numerical Keypad from 0 to 10, that when I have clicked to make the input field active, whatever I click in the numerical Keypad, will populate the input field.

When I click on the next Input field, I can use the same numerical keypad to populate that also.

Any suggestions on doing this with variables?



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Darren McNeill

Hi, I took a look and unfortunately it is not what I am looking for. The example is a one to simulate the calculator but what I need is to be able to change the focus to another variable input field using the same number buttons. If I highlight an input field the keypad will populate it's associated variable,  and if I click on another input field the same number keys will populate the second variable. 

I hope this makes sense


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