Create a quiz with option to skip questions before submitting

Is it possible to create a quiz/assessment with the option to skip questions and review the skipped questions before submitting the quiz?

If this has been discussed before, I searched, but it's hard to found. A link to a previous discussion is also appreciated.

What I want to acomplish is that a use take an assessment with e.g. 100 questions. The user may skip questions and may review all questions or only the skipped one (might be interesting to build) to review before submitting the quiz.

What's your idea about this?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sjoerd,

The best way I've seen is to create an additional slide before they "submit" all their answers that allows them to check any that they may have skipped. This tutorial will provide you with the steps to set that up, including a tutorial on "submitting all answers at once" which will allow the user to skip questions. 

Sjoerd de Vries


BTW. This way, learning Articulate is realy fun, thanks to this nice community that respond quickly and effective.

This makes it possible to learn exactly what you need, without following a full course first. In doing this kind of excercises I learn Articulate better and quicker.