Create a Re-fresh button for a matching exercise in Storyline

In Storyline I created a matching exercise using the matching graded quiz option.  I have a button to submit the interactions and if the learner gets them wrong, they try again, but the connected bars for the incorrect answers are still connected.  I am trying to create a "clear" or "re-fresh" option to start over but the trigger called Re-Set Results is related to a Results slide and doesn't re-set the matching results.  Any ideas if this possible?

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Brian Allen

One way I've done this before is to use a "jump to slide" trigger that points back to the same slide.

If you have your slide properties on that slide set to always reset to initial state when revisiting, you effectively create a "refresh" button that will reset the slide each time it's pressed.

Jeannette McGlinsky

Thanks.  When the learner matches the connecting bars incorrectly and selects "try again", then clicks a re-fresh button, the connectors go back to the original state (re-set to initial state), but when the learner drags the options again, some of the bars are laying behind the options.  The learner can still grab them and drag them, but it's not immediately obvious that some choices are laying behind other choices.  In the attached screen shot there is an arrow to what I am referring to.  Thanks!!