Create a "Resete to initial state" button for a single quiz slide

Hi everyone!

I'm developing a course including graded and freeform slides. You can find those at the end of each Scene. At the very end there's a Result slide giving you your score.

I don't want to Reset to initial state all the activities througout the course. Is there a way to create a button in the slides which are activities and add trigger which could reset just one single quiz slide (the slide that the student wants to take again) and not the others?

Thank you very much.


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Kelly Taylor

I found this (very old) post on a whim, and was wondering if there was any outcome? We are keen to do the same however our quizzes are embedded throughout the content and not at the end. 
I have a short-term workaround using layers and some variables, but it would be good if this application was at all possible.