Create a reverse highlight in Storyline 360

I would like to highlight 3 different parts of a software screen as I describe their purpose. I can do this easily in Captivate, and though I've seen threads from several years ago saying this isn't possible in Storyline, I feel like it HAS to be possible by now? It seems such a simple concept.

The answers I've found seem to focus on creating a frame and then arranging it until it highlights the three various areas. Is there any better solution now that we are on Storyline 360?

I've attached an example of what I'd want when describing the second section (though I wouldn't need the numbers - just showing those so you see the section of the screen.)

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Michelle Galindo

Are you using narration? You could create 3 grey rectangles on the screen and adjust when they are appear on the screen using the timeline. If you are having the user click on the screen, you could write triggers changing the states of the rectangles from normal (gray) to hidden while you are describing the different sections.

jon berardi

Michael, thanks for sharing the example. It works well but I can't figure out how you managed to remove the lower layer rectangle within the fill area of the square/oval objects. 

I see how you are using the base image as a slide background. What other wizardry did you use for the objects on top of the grey layer?

Much appreciated!