Create a Survey using Storyline 360 or Quizmaker 360

I am a brand new user to Articulate 360.  I need to create a survey using either Storyline 360 or Quizmaker 360 and have the question responses report to my LMS.  I typically choose SCORM 2004.  Can someone share a step guide?

When I tried to create on my own, the results either report a Zero score, or a percent score, and when I try to view by question, there are no results. 

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Katie Riggio

Hey Stacey!

Great question, and welcome to the Articulate family. 🧡

Storyline and Quizmaker will send learner activity (including survey responses) to an LMS, but it's up to the LMS to determine how that data gets displayed back to you.

I recommend connecting with your LMS team to see how you can pull that information.

Also, which LMS are you using? Hopefully someone is using the same one and can share how to unlock this setting!