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Bill Kelleher


You could also build a drop menu using shapes and triggers with different states. I've attached a rough example of how you can build one below. Once it's built, you can use the buttons as triggers to call up specific information in other layers, states, or even use variables.


Is there a way to override the 1-1 sequence to  drop menu format of the question? That would save so much trouble from the above, I just couldn't get it going.

Update: provided a more put-together example with some variations

Christie Pollick

Hi, Ray -- Looks like you have received a lot of great feedback, but as you mentioned you new to using Storyline, I also wanted to share a moment to some general info on Getting Started with Articulate 2. And this link will provide even more details on everything that you can do once you become a bit more familiar. Please let us know if you need anything further! :)