Create drop down menu and store data into another slide

Hi, kindly need help from anyone expert in here,

I need to create a drop down menu in slide 1, and when user select the menu,  I want to insert the selected menu into another slide.

Here the example:

1. When user click the innovation in drop down menu at slide 1.

slide 1

2. The result will appear at the slide 2. the delivery type and total hours also will change.

Slide 2

Anyone can help or any example to share..

Right now what I was thinking is only insert the Data Entry Box.. that is the only solution.


Thank You.

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Ned Whiteley

Hi Mohd,

In the attached example, I have created three variables, Topic1, Topic2 and Topic3, which hold the selection that you make in each of the first three lines of your form in slide 1.

I have also created three drop-down menus for when you click on the drop-down menu buttons in each of the three lines in your form. These are three identical menus that are simply shifted vertically to align with the appropriate drop-down menu button. Each menu is created on a separate layer. The menus are created from a white rectangular box filled with eight different text boxes for each of the selectable options. When one of the text boxes is clicked, the appropriate variable is changed to reflect the text that has been selected and the menu layer is then closed.

The variable reference is used to display the selected text when the menu closes and this is also used on the second slide to display the text in the appropriate place on the new form.

When you have made your selections, click on the Continue button to proceed to the next slide. I have also added a Back button on the next slide so that you can return to the first slide to change your selections if you wish to do so.

I hope this gives you some ideas. If you have any further queries or are not sure what I have done in this example, please don't hesitate to get back to me.

Mohd Saifullani Mustaza

Hi Ned,

thank you for reply, its working but may I know how to change the "Delivery Type" and "Learning Hours" when they selected any "Soft Skill topic" in the first page and 2nd page?

You can see the differences between image 1 and image 2 after we selected the topics.

Actually so far all Delivery Type is "Classroom" and Learning Hours is "16" but in future it will change based on the soft skills topic.


Ned Whiteley

Hi Mohd,

Here is the updated version of my example. What I have done is to create additional variables for Delivery Type (text variables) and Hours (number variables) and then set the value of these variables depending on which text box was selected from the menus on the first slide.

For the purpose of this exercise I have assumed that the first three items in the menu are all delivered in a Classroom and the last four are all delivered Online. I have also set the hours to 16 and 20 respectively.

You should be able to see from the triggers and variables I have used, how you can set the system up to suit your particular requirements. The triggers for the Text and Number variables use a similar format as laid out below:

If you have any further queries, just get back to me.

Mohd Saifullani Mustaza

Hi, thanks you for your feedback, it's working properly.

I have one questions, I wanted to create total hours, and is that possible to combine all the hours including box selected hours, Numeric Entry and fix hours that already put in the slide? and how to combine total hour for 2 slide.?

I create 2 slide  because the content is too much. so i want to add the total hours at slide 2.

and my date is also not working properly when published.

You can refer the articulate file attached.

Ned Whiteley

Hi Mohd,

In order to add up all your hours, all you need to do is to create a suitable variable for your total hours (in this case, for example, TotalHoursNE) and then include a series of triggers to add each set of associated hours to the new variable:

Your next triggers would add NEHours2, NEHours3 etc etc. Once you have set your triggers up, you can then use the new variable to populate your Total Hours cell in your table.

I am not sure what you want to use to trigger the calculation, so I have just left it as the default, when timeline starts this slide.

Mohd Saifullani Mustaza

Hi Thanks for the advice, 

I create 3 different variable (NEHours1until NEHours9) (EPP untl EPP_4) and (NENumericEntry1 until NENumericEntry8).

Its working when I used variables to calculate the total hours, and EPP for this 2 pages. But when I try to inserted the NumericEntry, it only working for 1 page when I add another NumericEntry at another page the result is NaN

I create button total hours to calculate the result. 


blue box is the Numeric Entry

Page 2

blue box is the Numeric Entry

Ned Whiteley

Hi Mohd,

I am having some difficulty following exactly what you are doing here and so it may take a while to get to the bottom of the problem. However, there is one thing I have noticed straight away.

On Slide 2.1, you have two triggers set up for when the user clicks on Picture 3. Because the first trigger jumps to a new slide, the second trigger will never be activated as the slide has already lost focus. It is important to execute any other triggers in a group before jumping to the next slide:

My first suggestion would be to check that you haven't made a similar mistake on any other slides, correct any errors and then see if your other errors (e.g. the NaN result) have gone away.