Create Dublicate object and control timeline


1. How to create multiple duplicate object when click a button on stage.

2. How to control timeline using button (for eg.,  When timeline starts its not play automatically,  when i click the button or object then only it will continue next frame or jump some frame and starts play.)

Please advice.

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Hi there Venkatesan,

1) Are you just trying to create multiple objects from one object? You can select the object in your slide and either Copy + Paste to create more, or select the object and hold down your CTRL key. Drag the object to where you want to place the new copy and then release your mouse button. That should place a new duplicate. If you want even more, press CTRL and select both objects. You can then use the same method to continue making duplicates. 

2) Not quite sure what you're wanting to do here. Do you not want the timeline to start automatically? What you could do is have a layer start when the timeline starts, have that layer setup to pause the main layer's timeline. Place a button on that layer that closes the layer, then the timeline should start.

If this isn't what you're trying to do, or you have any questions, just let me know!



venkatesan jayant

Hi Christine,

Thanks for your Reply , But i want How to create multiple duplicate object when click a button on stage during run-time.

and How to jump frame in timeline during run-time and give me a detailed explanation about the control over timeline during run-time.

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Christine Hendrickson

Good morning Venkatesan,

Ahhh, so you want the user to click on a button and then show additional buttons or objects? You should able to do this pretty easily.

You'd want to create the first button that the user clicks and the additional objects you want to show up when the user clicks on them. Set the initial state for the duplicates to "Hidden". Then, you'll want to trigger the states for the duplicates to change to "Normal" when the button is clicked. 

The user can jump to any time in the timeline by using the seekbar, if you have this enabled. However, you won't be able to trigger this from a button or object on the slide itself. Perhaps you could put that content into a layer, instead? 

Thanks and have a great day!