Create illustrations with state changes

Nov 10, 2014

Is it possible to use my own character illustrations and build state changes for expression and pose so they work the same way as those that come with Storyline2?

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Anne Céline Ternois

Hello, it seems Josephine didn't have further questions but I have one about the same subject...

I have inserted pictures of characters as states and  I have problems  when I resize the picture: Sometime  it works fine, sometime the "state" character  is not resized as I resize the picture. 

I don't think I'm doing dfferently in both cases..

I have attached two slides with the problem on the second one...

Have you any idea where that could come from ?

Thank you!


(I'm using storyline 1)




Anne Céline Ternois

Hi Leslie, 

Thanks a lot for your response, and I apologize for not following-up, I did not t see it until I went into my profile. Sorry about that!

I use pictures, not characters, so it's not  the process described above. When I add a new state I dupplicate the "normal" state and do "change picture".

Pictures all have the same dimensions (in cm), but I wonder if the the issue might come from inconsistency in their definition? 


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