Create Master Slides available to all New Projects


I would like to have a set of master slides tthat are available when I create new projects, without having to re-create for each new project.  How can I create this so that it is available whenever I open a new project?

I have been able to create master slides from within a new project but cannot get these to then appear to use for other a new projects.



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Sylvia Wright

Do I assume then that one would just pick and choose the relevant master slides and import them into a particular project?  Can you have different color and font palettes for each master slide in the collection?

Also, is there an in depth tutorial anywhere on creating and using master slides?

Thank you!

Steven McAneney

Sylvia, a tutorial on templates is here. There are loads more tutorials that can be found simply by using the search function (magnifying glass icon) at the top right of this window.

I still can't get my head around templates, so what I have ended up doing is cutting the meat out of the course I want to use as a template, then add slide layouts and question layouts to this course based on the slides/questions within it. This is managed by using Slide Masters

I then use this course as not only a template, but also to guide how I build the new course. I just start a new scene, duplicating slides that are common with the original course, and adding new slides/questions from my custom layouts when necessary. No style guides necessary, you have a portion of the old course right there as a reference. When finished, you can just delete the old scene and use the new one. 


Sylvia Wright

Wow!  Thanks so much Christie.  I will definitely check those out.  I am in the beginning stages of developing a  22 lesson (on paper) teacher training course and want to try to get a good foundational layout to cover the whole course which I will be putting into separate files to facilitate our learners in other countries with extremely limited bandwidth and internet access.