Create my own check boxes styles !

Jun 04, 2013

Hi !

Is it possible to import and use check boxes other than the ones already present in Storyline Quizzes?



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Christine Hendrickson

Welcome to the community, Michelle!

It really depends on what type of objects you're importing, where you're importing them from and what type of interaction you're wanting to use them in.

You could always create custom buttons using shapes and states, but again - it depends on how your course is designed and whether or not the option to use custom objects is an option for the type of question you're using. 

If you're using a freeform question, this shouldn't be a problem.

If you could share a little more information, maybe we can give some suggestions or tips :)


Michelle Miron

Christine thank you for being there!

I wouldchange the check box or radio button on a Question slide. I have a drawingdesign that does not fit very well with the styles available.

The optionsare limited. Example: I can not remove the gradient in Radio Fill and Radio Color!I thought the solution was to import jpg images and create my own button style.

In addition,once I changed the states on a Radio Button, I can not copy it to the otherradio button with Format Painter. I lose a lot of time to redo everything.

I find thatthe options are very limited on Question slides! In your experience, shouldavoid being too creative with the question slide?

Thank youvery much Christine to be concerned of my little quirks!


Christine Hendrickson

Hi Michelle :)

Again, it really depends on what type of question you're working with and what limitations are currently in place for the radio or check mark buttons.

The format painter doesn't work very well with radio buttons, you're right. However, if you select all of the radio buttons and change the format, it should apply to all of them at one time. Not only is this going to save you time, it's probably even faster than using the Format Painter. 

To do this, select all of the radio buttons on the slide. You can select them all by holding down your CTRL button and clicking on them, or by clicking and dragging the slide around the objects (you should see a box outlining them). If this is something new to you, it may be easier to just CTRL+click the radio buttons.

Once you have all of the radio or check buttons selected, click on the "Format" tab. You can now apply what ever effects or color changes you'd like to make to all of those buttons. You can even set custom colors this way.

There's no such thing as too creative! :)

If you have any questions, or any other trouble with this, just let me know.


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