Create new shortcuts in Quick Access Toolbar - Storyline 2

I love the QAT (quick access toolbar). How can I create custom shortcuts?

For example, I often have to superscript text. I have a QAT in powerpoint for this, but I can't find where it would be in SL2. I know where it is in the format text area, but when I click the ALT key to show the shortcut keys, it doesn't work on the format pop-up window. Also I frequently have to insert the symbol for a registered mark. Is it possible to add this to the QAT, something almost like a macro?

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Beth McGoldrick

Thanks for the link. That article helps with at least giving me a shortcut to one of the functions I use a lot. Too bad I can't add it to the QAT like I can in PowerPoint/Studio. Now I just need to find out how to add a symbol for the registered mark into the QAT or create a shortcut.