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Paul Brophy

Hi Krishna

First time offering any advice on here as I've had to deal with this in the last week; there are probably much better solutions.

I think there are a few ways you could go about this; one would be to have a reference onscreen e.g. '%pagenumber% and have variable triggers that add+/remove- a value of 1 when you click prev/next. However this can potentially be a bit repetitive adding triggers on each slide.

Depending on how your page is designed and the number of slides (e.g. if its less than 10), you could potentially do a copy/paste of a few shapes at the bottom of the page and have each object change state when the slide beings; you could additionally use this to hyperlink to other points of your elearning package.



Not sure if there are any easier options available in storyline 2.

Hope this helps a bit!

Kind Regards

Paul B