Create printable action plan in Storyline 360

I want my learners to create a printable action plan throughout the course, with a combination of their written reflections in a few text fields and a list of actions they have prioritized by clicking or checking buttons or boxes for either "already done", "soon" or "maybe later". The course will be in an LMS.

I have searched the community and found some old questions regarding similar types of action plans but not quite the same (and also they are 4-5 years old so I guess maybe there are other ways of doing it now).

Does anybody have a solution for this?

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Matthew Bibby

There are some tutorials on here that cover the basics. Just search E-Learning Heroes for either PDFmake or jsPDF

You can also read the documentation of each library to learn how to use them, but if you aren't comfortable with JavaScript that'll likely be pretty confusing.

Alternatively, email me the details of what you are trying to achieve and I'll take a look at it for you.