Create quiz question from interactive slide

Hi All, I created a slide that has a screen capture image with 14 interactions. The objective is that the learner must complete all of these interactions (click on correct areas of the screen and enter a text item if required). There is no requirement that the learner do things in a particular sequence. If that were the case I would simply do a screen capture within Storyline. 

Is it possible to create a quiz question out of this that could be output to a LMS...?

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Erin Flage

Will users be clicking on a "Submit" button once they (think) they're done?  If so, I'd create a freeform question with two radio buttons, Correct and Incorrect, that are hidden off slide. 

Set the "Incorrect choice" to be initially selected, and then when the user submits the question, check that the states/text/conditions are true.  If so, change the "Correct" to be selected.

Here's a tutorial that uses the same concept (just with multiple text entry boxes)