Create SL2 slides from a word document or excel spreadsheet

Hi again

I am trying to import 500 definitions into SL2 as slides, rather than quiz questions.

Each definition has a heading and some body text....i.e. 2 pieces of text per slide.

The closest I have come so far is to create a word table (2 columns/ 500 rows) and mailmerge to individual documents. I then use "send to powerpoint" which should give me 500 slides but I have a feeling control characters get in the way. I would then import the slides.

I have put them into excel and read them in a "quiz" items one per page but I am unable to get the text without the paraphernalia that goes with the quiz question. I just want text.

I will open a sandbox slide for a definition depending on how i wish to arrange things once inside SL2.

If I am able to import them as quiz items and draw at random with the extra "quiz" stuff that would be perfect.

Anyone any ideas please?

I am both old and fairly IT savvy so I am able to cope with most things so if it turns out to be something using DOS scripting or similar I can cope. This would save me so much time and open up so many opportunities I have to give it a bit more time so if any ideas please share.


Regards and thanks



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brian taylor

Thanks Phil

Yes indeed. I went back to Word and following a mailmerge I am able to send to powerpoint. I have managed to avoid the problems I was having with this stage by careful formatting and spacing of the mailmerged file.

I can also convery to freeform quiz question and choose at random from a question bank.


Thanks for the reply Phil



Walt Hamilton


If you create in Word using outline view, you can create a term, then below it  create its definition, and save as a Word document, PPt will import slides from an outline.  The term will be the header, and the definition the body, with each term on a separate slide, and no need for the mail merge.

In outline view in Word:

In PowerPoint: