Create Variables from Likert Scale Survey Questions

May 03, 2012

Hello Storyline community.  What I would like to create is a series of four survey likert scale questions, with 5-7 statements for each, giving a total of approximately 25 scored statements.  The scale will be between 1-4 for each question.  I would like to total all the values up at the end of the quiz, and then based on a numeric range, provide a different result to the user.   For example, if the user clicked a lot of 1's, then they are an A type personality, lots of 4's then they are a D type personality.

I first tried to use the likert scale questions, but I cannot seem to create variables for each radio button in the likert scale. 

Then I tried to build a likert scale question myself using radio buttons, but I can only have one question per slide, because as I add more and more radio buttons, it only allows one pressed button. 

My plan is to create a "total" variable and have a trigger add 1, 2, 3 or 4 depending what button is pressed in the scale.  I also don’t want the user to be able to press the button more than once.

I hope this isn’t too long winded.  I can explain more if necessary.

Thanks in advance

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Annie Jean
Then I tried to build a likert scale question myself using radio buttons, but I can only have one question per slide, because as I add more and more radio buttons, it only allows one pressed button.

Hi Joe,

I can't help for everything but I can for this one. If you add all your buttons on the same slide, you only have to create a different button set for each group of 4 and it will allow you to have one clicked in each group.

Button set : select the group, right-click and assign a group or create a new one... but pretty sure you already knew

Hope it helps, have a nice day!

Eric Nalian


Here it is.

  • I think there is audio on the first slide - I recorded this while sick, I sound like an alligator :(
  • On the results slide, there is a condition for variables 'In Between' that should be used, during the Beta that was broken so I was unable to use it.

Let me know if you have any questions about how I created this.


Joe Countryman

@Eric.  Thanks for the file.  Looks like you put a lot of work into this.  I see that you "un-hid" the rectangle to overlay on top of the options in order to lock in the answer; very clever.  This avoids the triggers from adding values to the variables. 

Looks fantasic.  I am going to play around with what you have done.  Thanks!

Tara Stone

This is great. I am needing something exactly like this. My test is 12 questions so I have created 4 slides with 3 questions each based on a rating scale of 10. At the end of the 4th slide, I want the users to submit to see where they rank.  Is there a way I can get each slide to add to the total of the previous slide? I'm stuck. Thanks for your help!

Joe Countryman

Hi Tara.  I would create three seperate variables, one for each slide, and then create a fourth variable which adds the totals of the three variables.

For example; %Total% = %Slide1% + %Slide2% + %Slide3%

I actually posted a similar question to yours, and then answered it myself in this thread

Hope this helps.

Tara Stone

Hi guys! Thank you so much. Eric I am not using separate totals on each slide; I just want each slide's total to add to the next slide so that when the user hits the submit button, the total score will be displayed taking them to a slide based on their total.  Hope I am making sense. ha!

Joe, I did go ahead and create 3 separate variables, row1, row2, and row3, but I am not sure how to get the total. When I hit the submit button nothing happens. I have 4 different triggers set for the different values:

For example:

Am I missing another step? Thanks for the help, I am brand new at this. This is my first module with my first quiz.

Annie Jean

Hi Tara,

I just want to make sure, after reading all of the posts, that your variable increases by the desired amount each time a button is selected.

If you have 3 variables named row1, row2 and row3, where is the total coming from? Do you have a trigger adding the 3 first variables?

Just asking question to see where information could have been missing.

Thanks and have a nice day!

Annie Jean

Have you tried inserting your variable directly into the question slide to make sure the number increase?

Just add a text box and type in %name_of_variable%

In preview mode, you should see if the variable is increasing as intended!

You can also post in you .story file if you want people to take a look at it (if possible for you).

Have a nice day!

Tara Stone

Thanks guys! I am making progress.

The numbers do add up when I advance slides, but when I hit the submit button, it keeps adding numbers to the overall total. I am going to try to attached my file so that if anyone has time and can take a look I would REALLY appreciate it. I am going to continue to mess around with it until I can get it figured out.

Eric Nalian

Hi Tara,

I am looking at your .Story file, and I noticed a couple things.

  • Slide 1.1: I do not think you need the 'Set TOTAL equal to x' triggers.  They are messing with your results.
  • Slide 1.2: your radio buttons all have a trigger to 'Add X to TOTAL' and 'Add X to Row X' trigger.  To simplify things, it would be easier to use one or the other, unless each of your rows are giving different results.  Are you collecting one master score, or a score for each row?
  • With your next button, you can add a trigger to change the state of 'next' to disable when clicked.  This would make the button unclickable.
  • I think the easiest solution would be to only have a 'Total' variable that gets added to each time.  This way, as the learner goes through every set of questions, it would keep one running total as opposed to three.  Also, you will not have to use the 'add variables' trigger.

Let me know if you need anything else.


Annie Jean

Hi Tara,

I was able to make it work but a problem occured when I was about to save the file... sorry!

So, as Eric said, you can only use the Total variable, you rows variable are useless. (if you don't delete the "Row" trigger, it still work so it's not a big problem... just took you some extra time).

On the first slide, as Eric said, your trigger to add to Total is not working well, change the "Assignment" to "+Add" for each button.

For the submit button, I was able to make it work by modifying the triggers without using "Between values".

For the first and the last one, I only used "Less than" and "Greater than".

For those in between, I have made a trigger with two (2) conditions

   less than (value)

   add a condition with the green +

   AND - greater than (value)

That way, I was able to reach all of your different feedbacks.

Hope it helps and have a nice day!

Tara Stone

Thanks guys! I have it working now thanks to all the help and suggestions. The only problem I am having now is that on each row, if the user clicks on say the second radio button, and then changes their mind to the sixth radio button, it adds that to the overall total. So instead of adding just 6 it adds 8. Is there a way I can fix this?

Again, I cannot tell you guys how awesome it is to have a community like this that helps each other especially for newbies like me. Thanks!

Argent Nolan

Eric Nalian said:

Hey Joe,

I actually created something very similar to this.

Check it out Here

Let me know if this is what you are looking for and i'll get the .story file for you.

Hi Eric,

Could you send me the .story file? Your solution is what I am looking for? Using likert scale score to generate a profile for user. Please send it to my email: Your help is greatly appreciated. 



Boudewijn van Dee

Hi all and especially hi Eric,

I'm looking at your organized.story project and the final outcome is exactly what I want. I was just wondering one thing and that is what the rectangles are for. Perhaps I'm missing something but I can't see any use in them. Before I start breaking up your solution to implement it in my project I thought I'd ask first. Hope you can help!

Thanks a lot and thanks for the great work on the 'gradeble' likert scale.



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