Create xAPI statement for quiz answers in Storyline 360

Hi! I'm working on a medical terminology course in storyline and have managed to make a basic xAPI statement work (sent to Watershed LRS). However, for research purposes, we need to track responses to each question in a pre-quiz and post-quiz - a little bit more complex statement for a newbie to xAPI (like me).

This is the "execute javascript" that fires in A360:

send_qstatement("answered","","Pre-test question 1","","Abdominal-pain","Urinary tract infection","Urinary-tract-infection","Dysuria","Dysuria","Abdominal pain","Abdominal-pain","Headache","Headache");

I'm also retrieving 4 variables from the player: uName (text), uEmail (text), selectedAnswer (text), correctAnswer (T/F).

I've attached my js file. If anyone can help... thank you! I'm not sure why the statement doesn't go to the LRS.

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