Create your own matching drag-and-drop?

Hey all!

I created a matching drag-and-drop using pentagons and chevrons that should fit one inside the other, but I can't get it to drop where I want it. If I select "tile" it doesn't really snap to a form like I think it should (I'd like it to just drop next to its partner).

I'm going to go ahead and use the built-in drag and drop matching quiz for this one (I wanted to be able to use purple to match the theme, but I'll settle).

Has anyone had any luck getting shapes to drop where you want them?

I've attached what I was trying to do so you know what I'm rambling about :-)



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi James,

I'm guessing you're setting up a invisible shape to where they have to be dropped? There isn't a way to set them to snap next to that particular shape, so if you set up the invisible shape, you'll likely want to set it to snap to center. Let us know if Mahesh's example works for you as well, and if you're able to share that slide from your .story file here we can assist with setting it up on there as well.