Creating a 50 question Test Slide

Nov 21, 2013

Hi everyone,

Is there a way to create a 50 question multiple choice test on Articulate Storyline using only a few slides?  Or does each question have to be put into it's own slide?  I want to mainly keep the slide count down.  The project I'm working on has a 50 question test at the end of the module, it's already 207 slides long, so adding 50 extra screens each with a question on it is a little much.   I was hoping there was a way to create a single slide, or maybe even five at the most containing all 50 question.  Also, is there a way to  link the test and still have it graded?



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Michael Hinze

You could try using Freeform questions like in this example here. Or you could try what I had to do for a project: use scrolling panels, button sets and custom variables to 'stuff' a bunch of questions (in my case up to 20 True/False or Multiple Choice on one screen) into a single slide. While this is technically, I wonder if cramming so many questions on a few slides is conducive to learning and/or provides a good user experience.

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