Creating a button with two functions?

I'm trying to build a game within Storyline and I've run into a small issue. I want the participate to click on buttons that take them to various questions to answer. When they return to the main screen I want that button to be hidden. I want to hide a picture behind the buttons and be visible when the participate has completed the game.

My issue is that I can either make the button hide or take the participate to the questions, I can't seem to get it to do both. Any suggestions?

Sorry, I have no budget to work with, so buying games is not an option.

Thank you

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Antony Snow

Hi Ricky,

Assuming that you don't mind whether the user gets the question right or not, you can use the 'visited' state to determine when each of the buttons are hidden.

I have put together a VERY rough demo of what I think you are trying to achieve - I hope it helps.

If you only want the button to be hidden if the user gets the question correct, you will probably be better off creating a T/F variable for each question, setting the default value to FALSE and then adding a trigger to each of the 'correct feedback' layers that changes the respective variable to TRUE when the timeline of the layer begins. You will then need to amend the triggers I have used so that the button becomes hidden on condition that the respective variable is TRUE rather than if the button's state is 'visited' when the timeline starts.