Creating a checklist without a layer

Jul 15, 2016

Is there a way to create a checklist without a layer?

I have my text boxes, each with 3 states (normal state, hover state, and selected state) and I've tried adding triggers to them. So:

  • Change state of text box 1 to hover state when the user hovers the mouse over text box 1 - should look like this: 
  • Change state of text box 1 to visited state when user clicks on text box 1 - should look like this: 

Problem I'm having is that it reverts back AND eliminates the box when the mouse moves away (it does this with both the hover state and checked state):


Hopefully it's something simple I am missing. Has anyone else encountered this or do you have suggestions for getting this to work how I want it? TIA

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Michael Hinze

Instead of using the built-in Hover and Selected states, you created custom states and named them 'Hover state' and 'Visited state'. I edited the states for the first/top checklist item on the first slide, see attached file. As you can see the states now change for this item, without the need for triggers. You should be able to replicate this for the other checklist items.

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