Creating a condition to show layers once other layers have been completed

Apr 01, 2015

Hi folks! 

This is a pretty novice question, but I haven't been able to figure it out on my own yet. So, I'm leaning on you here! Thanks! :)  

I have a slide that requires the user click on an image which takes them to a slide layer. Once they have clicked on all 4 images and visited all 4 layers, I want another layer with a BACK button to appear to take them back to the main home page. 

I added an image below so you can see what I'm trying to do. 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Alicia,

I assume the four images open up the four layers? What about setting a variable on each layer (adjust it to true from false) and then set up a condition to show the final layer when the value of the 4 layer variables are all equal to true. You may want to review the information here in regards to using variables and trigger conditions. 

Alicia Williamson

Thanks, Ashley! I spent some time with the tutorials but I'm not sure I'm setting up the layer variables correctly. I created a new T/F variable on each layer, then set up a trigger to show the finished layer when all the variables are met. It still isn't working, so I know I haven't done something right.

The piece I think I'm missing is "...and then set up a condition to show the final layer when the value of the 4 layer variables are all equal to true."  I attached a couple of pictures of my current set up. 

Michael O.

If you are using storyline 2. there is an even easier way to do what you are describing since its all happening on one slide.  See attached screenshot and story example.  Be sure to go to the "Slide Layer Properties" and un-check "Hide other slide layers," otherwise the backButton layer will not appear. 

Layers and Visitied States

Alicia Williamson

Thanks, M! This is a pretty good work-around, but it still isn't perfect. For each of the layers, there is a navigation back button to get back to the original layer (see attachment 1.) By creating the show layer trigger, what ends up happening is the original navigation back button appears, along with the back button layer (see attachment 2.) 

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