Creating a course explainer/starter guide


We are hosting our course within Learndash and want to create a video that will show learners how to access the LMS and how to access the course within it.

Could anyone advise me the best way to do this.  I have looked at screen recordings.

Am I best creating a story that includes some screen recordings and then to publish the story as a video.

Then new learners can be sent the video with their logon details and watch to know how to access the course.

Any thoughts welcome.



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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Sue.

Using the Screen Recorder in Storyline 360 is fantastic for software training, such as showing users how to access the LMS!

While exporting to video will certainly work, you might want to explore other publishing options, like Web, to include interactivity. You can let the users follow the instructions independently, using the Try Mode, or use the Test Mode for a quick checkpoint.  Take a look at the resources below for additional information on the different modes you can use with the Screen Recorder: