creating a drag & drop

Hi I am trying to create a non-graded drag and drop interaction but I cant seem to figure this out at all. I looked for a tutorial and cant find one.  

I am trying to have the learner put 4 items in a suitcase. After dragging each item to the suitcase I want the item to disappear and provide them with some information.   

My objects are icons and therefore are "grouped" items and you cannot change the state of a grouped item, so I can't use layers.

I hope this all make sense - can anyone help?

I saved just the bare slide to a project

Appreciate any help!

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Jerry Beaucaire

You can accomplish this with states and layers.  You should ungroup the icons so they all act as 4 individual items.  For instance:


  1. Click on pants, then STATES, then EDIT STATES
  2. Add a state, call it anything...  DROPPED for instance
  3. SL will duplicate the NORMAL state so you will see another pair of pants.  You can:
    • just delete the pants in the DROPPED state so it us empty, this will make it look like the pants disappear.
    • Better might be to create an altered version of the pants that now look like they are nested down in the suitcase. 
  4. Create a layer called PANTS and put the popup info you want to appear.
  5. Give the user some method to close the layer to go back to the base layer.

Now repeat this process for the other 4 icons.

What would be nice is if you were to see each of the clothing items nested down in the suitcase each time.

Jerry Beaucaire

You can use PowerPoint to "skew" an image to create another "look" like the item is lying down or facing more upward.  Then copy that skewed version into SL.   

When a person drops the glasses, for instance, you can use triggers to make the dropped glasses disappear and the new skewed ones appear in a position that looks like they are in the suitcase.