Creating a "Feedback Slide"

Hi everyone,

I had a quick question about using Storyline 2.

I am creating a large induction that will be used in my organisation and I would like to make a lightbox slide that will allow people to leave feedback about the slide they are currently working on.

I want it to look something like this:

  1. A marker exists on all slides that can be clicked to trigger a ligthbox slide
  2. In this slide exists a text box in which a person can write whichever feedback they like.
  3. This will be automatically emailed to a particular email address when they complete it.

I know how to do most of this already, however, the problem I am having is that there will be no way for anyone to understand which slide is being fed back about. I need a way for the lightbox slide to know which slide the feedback is being written for and to pre-populate that somewhere when the person clicks the marker.

Hope that all made sense. Any ideas?


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