Creating a Forced Ranking 360 Degree Feedback Survey

I'm working on a project that is a leaner version of the traditional 360 feedback surveys you may have taken at some point. The end goal is to create a 360 survey that compiles results from survey takers. The responses are then compiled and later shared with survey recipients (e.g. the person whom survey takers are reviewing). The survey also needs to have forced ranking component. Here’s the general idea of how the programming logic would flow:

  • Present survey respondents with a consolidated list of questions/responses (could be as many as 10 questions/responses).
  • The survey respondents then must choose 3 “final” answers (Quizmaker "Pick One" feature) from the consolidated questions/response list.
  • After survey respondent selects 3 final choices, a “Submit Survey” icon appears.
  • The 3 final answers are then submitted to the Cornerstone LMS for tracking where the LMS admin can run a report that shows the survey responses.

So, my question is twofold:

  1. How can I create a slide that aggregates each initial Quizmaker “Pick One” response?
  2. How can I create a slide that creates a forced ranking that forces survey respondents to choose only three final answers?

I’ve attached a copy of the file for review. Thank you for any support or advice you can provide.

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