Creating a Hurdle Quiz in Storyline

I have created a Storyline course that demos how to complete a task in a software program.  I want the conclusion slide to only be accessible once they have attempted the software quiz that Storyline automatically creates.  In the Articulate Studio, this is easy.  Just set a quiz so that you can't get past it unless someone has viewed it or passed it.  I am having trouble finding this same capability in Storyline (with the auto-created software test).  I am sure there is an easy solution somewhere...

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Brian Keefer

Thank you Steve for your suggestion.  Unfortunately, that restricted the entire course instead of just restricting access to the conclusion slide (I wanted them to only access the Conclusion slide after they attempted the quiz).  So, I deleted the Conclusion slide from the menu and they can only access it from the quiz results slide.  That works for now with my test course, but I'll need to fix this issue better in a few weeks when I do 3 software demo courses for the client.  They like hurdle quizes where you can't access Section 2 until you have taken the quiz for section 1, etc.  It was so easy to do with Articulate Studio...

Brian Keefer

I will be using the menu in all my future courses.  So I will have to figure out how to create hurdle quizzes when using the software demo/test feature in Storyline.  Below is a screenprint from Quizmaker that I need to duplicate in Storyline.  Specifically "User may view slides after quiz..."

Steve Flowers

Hey, Brian - 

Take a look at the attached. This prevents folks from jumping into a slide before finishing the quiz by leveraging the "restricted" flag for the heading (created a non screen heading using the menu). You can only continue into that section with a button. This could apply to quiz + results or other interactions individually.

Brian Keefer

Thanks for creating the little demo.  That might be the way we have to go.  Is there a variable or something that only allows someone to view the slides in a scene if something has happened, like they passed a quiz, attempted a quiz, got to the results slide of a quiz, etc., without restricting navigation for the whole course?