Creating a language learning game in Storyline - demo

Hi all,

My colleague and I are developing a new game based course for our Deaf adult literacy learners to practice some English grammar.  We're starting with tenses, (present tense for now) and building a game around it.  

Although still in a draft, we're really excited with the functionality of the game we've been able to achieve with (many, many!) variables. 

We have yet to create an opening to give a introduction and instructions, but that will be coming down the road.  For now, we'd love to get some feedback and ideas from community members from what we've done so far! 

Have a look at game on our site: 


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Totally skipped over the deaf part in your description ;-) 

In regards to your two accounts, we can't merge the information and postings, and since you've got a fair amount of content in each we also wouldn't want to remove them.  Perhaps they were associated with different email addresses?