Creating a matching quiz

Jan 15, 2014

I want to know if it is possible for a matching quiz question to have more than the minimum number of answers in it.  For example, I have a question that has three items that need to be matched with the correct answer.  There are three items, but I have seven possible answers.  How can that be setup.  I tried the word bank quiz, but I would have to make three separate questions for my one.  Anyone have a suggestion?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Evie,

Since you mentioned a word bank, I'm thinking you may want to use a freeform drag and drop instead. You could set it up so that the three correct answers match with a corresponding shape (maybe invisible) drop target near or next to what the match would be. This way you could also have additional "drag" items, that would have no corresponding drop targets. 

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