Creating a multiple answer slide Survey/Quiz


Pre-course survey/quiz 

I am trying to create a slide where you pose the question "Identify a risk to a project" (these are based around commercial risk)  The learner then identifies a risk.  I then need the learner to rank them as a likelihood and then impact on a scale of 1-5.  i.e. likelihoold  1-5   (Box) they insert 1-5 

They then need to type an action into an fill in box 

Then submit all of their answers. 

We will then review all of their input (they will not see these as a test) 

I am still fairly new to Articulate 360 and struggling with how to get these to all report into the results slide as either a quiz or a survey so that we can analyse (GAP Analysis) and then review for creating a workshop. 

This is my "play file"  and is not yet pretty!  I am sure there is something obvious I do not know.   Still a novice with "technical things" 

Any help greatly appreciated. I have attached my start slides for creating the functions and these are not Graphic Designed up yet.  

Many thanks 



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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Clare,

Thanks for contacting us to share what you would like to create as well as sharing a sample project.

It looks like you've used graded question types and it sounds like you may need survey questions. I noticed you did use a survey result slide :)

A short answer question type may work well for you based on the description as I understand it.

By design, using the built-in forms, only one item can be submitted per slide.

I'll leave your custom design needs to the community to pitch in and share some best practices with you.

Clare Thompson


I would be worth seeing if Articulate could create something where the
learner has to input :

An example i.e. "identify a risk"
Then rank the risk 1-5
Then rank the impact of the risk 1-5
Finally then complete an action for mitigating.

Be great if it could all be reported via one slide.

Many thanks, hopefully I cracked it yesterday but always happy to receive
advice from others in the community