Creating a Neighborhood Walking Tour


I  am in graduate school and I am just learning Articulate (Storyline2).  To enhance my knowledge I want to create a walking tour for our yearly (free) garden stroll.  In the past, our Midtown Neighborhood Association printed maps at great expense, but this year I would like to use Storyline to bring it online (via the neighborhood website) so people can consult the map via their mobile device.  It will save a lot of money and help keep the event free.

I have several questions related to this initiative:

- Is Storyline the best tool or am I advised to move to 360? 

- Can anyone point me in the direction of (recent) examples of walking tours powered by Articulate?  I'm looking for best practice examples. I have seen where I can simply pull a map into Storyline and create hotspots, but I would really like to take the opportunity to learn and help the nonprofit (and the community) by providing a valuable resource.

I'd be grateful for any (and all) advise, tips and knowledge.  I'm just starting out as an IDer.

Many thanks for your insights.


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Beth,

That one does open for me in Chrome. It looks like it may be directed to the Flash output and I can't get it to play HTML5 output, but perhaps it wasn't included. Can you let me know what browser you're viewing in and what you're seeing when you open? That'll help narrow down what you could be running into! 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Beth,

Can you look at the end of the URL when you open it in Chrome - does it show as story.html or story_html5.html? 

For example, mine appears like this -

It doesn't seem that the HTML5 output opens for me either, and I think that's because it was published prior to a fix that was put in place for Chrome blocking the autoplay of media. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Beth,

It won't change how you access Nicole's link, as she published it with a much earlier version of Storyline (looks to be version 1.5.1401.2415) which didn't have the same HTML5 support as the latest updates and would need to have the HTML5 output viewed in an earlier browser as noted in the system requirements.

If you're going to use Storyline 3 or Storyline 360, your output could be published as HTML5 first or HTML5 only and would support hose users who no longer can have Flash installed in their browsers.