Creating a new Quick Style?

The defined quick styles are nice, but I have spent some time creating different designs. With that, I was hoping I could save the formatting and stylings I create as a quick style or such. Is this available? This would be great if it is not currently available. Then the new design could be set as the default.

For now I have to create the style I want and save them to a separate slide I make with just style elements. Then I have to go to that slide, use the format painter, and apply it to new items...or copy and paste the items. Not unbearable at all.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Terri for sharing here and welcome to the E-Learning Heroes community! 

It sounds like you're using the "set as default shape" in Storyline, but you're looking for a little bit more? I don't have a lot of experience with Captivate (aka none) but if you want to share a bit more details about what you've been used to and how this helps your design process that'll help our Product team as they look into new features! 

Terri Smith

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for the welcome and the interest!

A little context: Yesterday I downloaded the Articulate 360 for trial
before purchase. I'm diving right in by attempting to re-create my current
Captivate project in Storyline 360.

Re. Create new style: In Cp, I could customize my callouts, shapes,
text/hint captions and so forth by setting the properties as desired, then
saving the set up as a newly created style - which I could name. This was
not limited, so I could have several shape styles. Anytime, I could insert
a shape etc. and in one click select and apply my choice of created styles
to it.

Questions for you please:
How do I insert a transparent, clickable shape that when clicked, opens a
hyperlink to a URL in a new window?

Also, how can I ensure that clickable objects, buttons etc. in my course
display a hand cursor (on hover) and make no click sound when clicked?

I followed the directions outlined in this article to
insert a YouTube video web object filling a single slide. Tested the link
in the web object dialog box, and it opened and played perfectly; however,
when I published, the white slide was presented. No video. Any ideas?


Curtis Wiens

Been working with Storyline 360 for about a week. I was working in Captivate and we are evaluating Storyline. The only thing design-wise that is perplexing to me with Storyline is the inability to create styles and apply them across the project, save them in a style library etc... Something. often once you come up with a style for an object you want to be able to repeat that. Format painter is a little laborious. Am I missing something? BTW Love working with Storyline so far!

Curtis Wiens

Thanks for the quick responses. Yes, I was looking for something similar to the workflow in Captivate. You create styles for text, objects etc.. Save those styles and then you can apply them as you develop. If you make a change later to that style it rolls out on all the instances it was used. One of the few good things about Captivate :)

Joseph Chabot

Looks like this has been a request for more than a few years. Yes, I am now knee deep into Storyline on a project and some "global change/creation" objects would be amazing on both the text and object front. Always create a speech bubble at a certain color, outline, and size, boom click and it's done in Captivate. I'd love steps to be numbered as you go (circle bubble #1) click (circle bubble #2) This would be a great feature when you didn't want to include written steps but did want to identify the steps as you move along. The final page taht would include 1 through X could become a printed job sheet. :D  

Michael Rosenberger
Nikki Harris

It appears this is a feature request by many from over 5 years ago. Why hasn't the feature been created yet?

Yup, over 5 years ago, back after we finished beta testing the original methinks. It was a very popular request too. I mean, with users, not the company. Format painter still works or creating a slide of stylized assets, but certainly having a way to stylize and save it would STILL be nice. Camtasia 2018 just added themes (style library) like this, albeit basic. So still hoping...waiting....hoping more....

Leslie McKerchie

Hello everyone,

I appreciate all of your candid feedback and this request has been around awhile. 

I wanted to share some information on How We Manage Feature Requests as that may be helpful.

That being said, I've gathered requests and included this thread to bring this up more formally to our team based on the activity on this thread specifically.

We've shared how-tos for much of the functionality that you mention, but seems like there is a workflow you desire. Happy to share your thoughts with our team and thanks again.