Creating a Printable Certificate in Storyline

Hello - 

I'm still somewhat new to Storyline, but I think I'm getting the hang of it! Anyway, I am trying to create a certificate that can be printed with the participant's name and the date of completion. I have the certificate template that we want to use, and I have created a slide with a text entry box and a "Generate Certificate" button. Is there anyway to do this (hopefully without using Java or html because I'm not familiar with them at all). 


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Jan Vilbrandt

Sorry, but there is nothing "out of the box".

You will find some examples in this community (use the search field):

a flash-based certificate

a JavaScript/html based solution

You will need some programming skill if you want to use these techniques.

My suggstion: tell the articulate programmers team to develope such a thing.

I think they must be already aware of this because there are already some people who are in bad need of this funktionality. 

Emily Ruby

Hi Victoria,

Articulate apps don't currently support certificates of completion. We generally see this as a function of learning management systems (LMSs). However, if you're not using an LMS, you may be able to modify the report.html file in your published output to make it look like a certificate. (The report.html file is used for the Print Results feature in Articulate Quizmaker and Articulate Storyline.) You'll need an understanding ofHTML coding to use this technique. Also, be aware that Articulate doesn't provide support for this method.

See here for more information.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Philip, 

You could use the same steps shared earlier to create a certificate using the Report.html file - if you only want it to be available to your learners after they've completed a Review of the course, why not set the Print Certificate button to disabled?

You can add a trigger to change the state of it to Normal when the user clicks the Review button. That way when the learner comes back they'll be able to print their certificate. 

Philip Landry

I am trying to understand how to generate a certificate without the use of Articulate online…I am using review right now until we decide on the best way to go for LMS…The company is newer and is solidifying the process flow, etc…so we are just content to have printed certs for right now.

Any help appreciated.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Phil,

No need to use Articulate Online (it's only mentioned in this article in case you need to upload the modified content there). Since you'll be hosting in Review, there isn't an option to upload the Storyline output after the fact there, so instead of that method you may want to look at some Javascript options to print the slide itself or add a link to a PDF document that your learners could download and print.