Creating a question bank from other question banks

Jun 14, 2017

Hello everyone,

 I am using Storyline 2.

I was asked to create a test from 4 various question banks.

Each question bank contains 50 questions but the client only wants to use 10 randomly selected questions from each bank to create the test.

The result should be that the test consists of 40 questions and each person who takes the test has 10 questions from each question bank.  Those questions are randomly selected. 

The test acts as one instead of 4 mini tests and the learner received one score at the end. Is this doable?

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OEMC Training

I'm new to Articulate and am trying to find out how this product can help us here at the 911 center. At this time we need to be able to create several different banks of questions and be able to print the test. We are going through an upgrade and don't have enough computers at this time for people to use. Is this at all possible?


Deborah Cassidy

Hi - I did this but when testing, the test keeps freezing on one question every time and certain other questions freeze as well. I've checked the question banks and I don't see anything wrong with the questions. I have four banks and I select random questions from each for a total of 25 questions. I use one results slide for the results. Any ideas what may be causing this?



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