Creating a quiz with True/False answers that can be selected via a slider


This is my second day using Storyline and I'm trying to create a quiz of sorts where you slide a slider to either true, or to false, but I have absolutely no idea how to set that up.

If anyone could do a step by step tutorial on how to do that, or point me to a thread that doesn't ask beyond this basic quiz that would be great. :) 


For security reasons I cannot share the slide/project.  

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Michael Hinze

See attached a quick example that shows how this might be done. I used a slider with three stops. I added two radio buttons that are located offstage. Then I converted this slide into a Freeform Pick-One question and selected the radio buttons as the correct/incorrect answers. Finally, I added a few triggers to select a radio button based on the slider thumb position. Hope that makes sense.