Creating a Restart button for each slide

I am using Storyline 360 and am a bit stumped. I have a number of slides which use custom navigational buttons. Some have embedded video and some have audio and triggered elements. Our director requested a Restart button for each of the slides. Those slides with a video were simple, I just created a Restart button that was disabled until the media was complete, and then set it to play the video again. 

The audio slides were more challenging. I ended up creating a duplicate audio file and applying it to the slide. Audio 1 plays when the slide is initiated, the Restart button changes state to Normal when it completes and then the Restart button plays Audio 2 without restarting the animations/triggers. 

Now the request has been made to have the Restart button active and available at any time in the slide (meaning it can be stopped and restarted). This worked perfectly on the video slides, but the audio slides proved a bit more difficult. 

The issue is I cannot use the previously recommended solution of a trigger that loops back to the slide to restart the timeline due to another element on the slides. We have a button that users can click at any time to view links and documents. I have it set that the slide pauses when they use this to leave and picks up where they left off on their return. I cannot set the slides to return to initial state. I also cannot use the resources tool in the player as we need to remove the forward and backward arrows. 

Does anyone have any ideas? 

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