Creating a 'scrolling banner'

Hi all,

I'm looking to create a 'scrolling news banner' on the homepage of a module I'm building.

Imagine a text box with 5 different states, each state having a headline and some supporting information. I know I can use the timeline to change the state of the text box as the slide progresses using variables but I want it to be a continuous loop, not to just change to each state once.

I know I could set a trigger to jump to the same slide to start the timeline again, but there are some animations on some objects which I wouldn't want to 'fly in' again. 

Basically, i want the state of the text box to change every 4 seconds or so, but for it to be on a continuous loop without having a ridiculously long timeline.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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Allison Nederveld

Hi David,

How about creating a variable that is tied to the state of the text box (when the variable changes to a certain value, the text box changes to a corresponding state).

Then when that variable changes to 5, it is reset back to 0. (A trigger basically that says when variable changes, set variable = 0 if variable >= 5).

David Blanchard

Hi Allison,

Thanks for replying - that's where I'm getting stuck. I need to somehow restart the timeline without triggering the entrance animations of the other objects.

I'm wondering if I can take the text box in question off the main slide and place it on a layer, make the layer visible and somehow reset the timeline on the layer?!??!!

My head hurts now - I think it's one to put down and come back to tomorrow!

If you can think of anything alternative, please let me know!


David Blanchard

Allison Nederveld said:

Hey David - Yes, layers works!  Just build 1, duplicate, and switch between them as each ends.  I built it out really quickly.

Be sure to make sure your setting for the layers is reset to initial condition when revisited.

That is absolutely perfect - exactly what I was looking to do. Thanks Allison!

Can I give you a rep point / like for your post somehow? I've verified it as the answer.