Creating a Side-Scroller Game in Articulate Storyline 2

Nov 23, 2016

Side-Scroller Game Built In SL2

Hi everyone

Inspired by Richard Hill's Heroland I set out a while ago to create a character based side-scrolling adventure game in Storyline. What I wanted to discover was whether it would be possible for the player to control a character entirely with their keyboard (Mario Style), just to experiment with what was possible using JavaScript and HTML5.

Now, I'm really excited to share what I have accomplished with you! On my website (on your desktop or laptop) you can launch my 'Escape The Room' demo, the link is just under the main slider.

I am also in the process of creating an online course to go with this short game, which will be ideal for people interested in Articulate Storyline and JavaScript to learn more advanced techniques and build better games themselves.

I will be making everything available on my site very soon!


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Chris Hodgson

Thanks Mat.

Yes it's a combination of variables, triggers and ~75 lines of JavaScript code!

KeyUp and KeyDown event listeners govern what state the character sprite is in, as well as the numerical value of the slider / background image.

I am currently piloting a course on my website at  for anyone that might be interested to learn these skills for themselves.


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