Creating a simulation using screen record

Oct 24, 2019

In my recording, one of the screens captured did not convert to a question template. From what I can tell, when you create the simulation, storyline adds the hot spots and creates the triggers to score, and show feedback for incorrect attempts. You can click on the "Question tools" design tab to change the settings. however this particular slide is just a slide and does not have these options. You also cannot copy the background image.  There are no triggers on the hotspots that I can find, just a trigger that states submit interaction hotspot when user clicks submit button. Because it is a simulation, they are hitting the hotspot to proceed, NOT the submit button. 

I want to manually add a hotspot, but how do you code it to score for the result page

I can't share the file.  Hopefully this makes sense.

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Ren Gomez

Hi Ian,

Is it possible to duplicate a previous question slide to keep all the question properties intact and use Action Fine Tuning to adjust the background image to wherever you want it in the recording?

You can do this by right-clicking on the question slide and selecting Action Fine Tuning.

You may have to adjust the placement of the hotspot once you're done tuning, but it should get you there quickly.

Let me know if you coming across a different issue!

Ian Skuse

Ok, so you just choose to the screen you want in the video after selecting Action Fine Tuning. that works and should be quicker than what I did.    I actually just added a new question slide, chose hotspot, then screen grabbed the screen that I needed and pasted into place. Then set all of the Question tools the same as the previous slide and added the hot spot.   

Thanks for the information

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