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Russell Still

If your presentation is linear, you could still do this easily by incrementing a variable when each slide starts. Calculate a second variable by subtracting the first variable from the total number of slides.

It gets messy if users can jump around in your presentation. In that case, the concept of "remaining number of slides" can take on a few different meanings.

steve hildreth

I created the following which I think satisfies the request.  First off, when testing it was brought to my attention that it did not work in some earlier versions of Storyline, I’m using “Update 2: 1212.1412”.

I am very new to the Storyline and I am sure there are improvements that can be made to simplify the implementation (i.e. master slide).

When testing, I noticed that if you click on each of the items in the Menu, the counter does not function correctly.  Since our end products typically do not utilize/display a Menu, this would not be an issue.  I also created the attached to include both manual and automated slide advancement.

Although the sample is very simplistic, I did not do a lot of testing.  If you find any bugs, I’d best very interested in hear about them, as well as your feedback.

steve hildreth

Shailesh - Did the sample I provided not work?  I ask becuase I've tried to share other samples with collegues and they cannot always see what I've done (i.e. what I see is not what they see).

By the way, sorry it took so long for me to respond.  I did not get an email notification of your request.

Killian Holmes

I'm throwing my 2 cents in here.

The attached works for linear slides and caters for situations where you don't necessarily use the Next button to proceed.

All the variables and triggers are on the master slide.

x=slide counter, starts at 0

y=total slides

z=true/false, default value true

For a linear presentation, Storyline should offer a counter.

Killian Holmes

Hi James

The solution I offered uses the starting of the timeline to add another increment to the counter.  So if you are on slide 3 of 3 and jump back to 1 the counter will read 4 of 3, but you already know this. It will not represent a non linear approach properly.

You'll need to use the solution offered by Kumar V which involves a trigger on every slide...but if you've got to do something on every slide, you might as well just write the slide number. It isn't very satisfactory unfortunately.