Creating a State with an absolute position

May 15, 2014


I'm trying to create a state in a drag and drop quiz that returns the item to it's starting position if the item is dragged to the wrong drop state. However, when I drag the object onto a drop target, it's moving the incorrect state to a position relative to where the item was dropped. If I don't enter a position manually, it keeps the object where it is dropped. If I enter a position (on the Size and Position menu), then it moves it relative to where it was dropped.

Is there a way to define an absolute position so that no matter where it is dropped, it would return to its starting position? I don't want to use the default option in Storyline where it moves it back immediately as I want them to have to submit the quiz first.



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Katie Corcoran

Thanks for posting those links. Unfortunately, they're not exactly what I'm looking for. I was able to set it up so that it loops back to itself from the Try Again layer. I created custom states (and also tried the default Drop Correct state) with the item in it's correct position. I then created a trigger that would change the state to its correct state when the timeline of the slide starts on the condition that its number variable was equal to 1 (which happens when it's dragged onto the correct drop target to begin with). Everything behaves just fine until you try to submit the quiz again. Even if all of the answers are correct, it tells you that it is incorrect. I have a feeling that this has to do with the previously correct item being in its place by a state and not the actual item? Any ideas?

I appreciate the help by the way!



Katie Corcoran

I was actually able to fix this and make it work! I had to change it to NOT shuffle answers so that the correct states would be in the right position each time. I got around the issue of the submission being counted wrong on the second attempt even if everything was in the correct state by using number variables that changed to 1 if an object was dropped on the correct drop target and back to 0 if dropped on an incorrect drop target. Then adding a trigger to show the correct layer when the user clicks submit. I don't know how this would track in an LMS (I'm assuming not correctly), but it should work for us as that isn't an issue.

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