Creating a stickytab table

Apr 10, 2013

I've been wrestling with one screen for a few weeks now and haven't come up with a solution. Here's a draft of the screen. It's supposed to guide learners in deciding whether they have time to take on another commitment. It includes a table (an open schedule) and four different-coloured stickytabs along the top -- one for work, family, fitness, and other. My idea was that the learner would click on a stickytab to select it, then click on the boxes in the table, and they'd fill with that colour. Once the learner finished one category, he/she'd do the next one, until the table was filled with his/her current time commitments.

I tried doing this with layers (move to the layer when the learner clicks on a tab) and states (squares in the table fill when the learner clicks on them), but once the learner leaves a layer to go to the next one, then all the coloured squares on the table disappear. It's not cumulative. So the layers idea won't work.

There must be a better way to do this, and I'm sure it's obvious, but I can't see it.

Thanks for any ideas.

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Michael Hinze

Cool idea! I think you can do this with objects that represent the various timeslots and each of these objects has a number of states, e.g. Work, Family, etc. Depending on which of the categories is selected at the top, clicking a timeslot would change to the corresponding state. See attached for a rough idea and here is the published version. I only did the first row, but you could use this as a starting point to complete the matrix.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Nancy and Michael,

Love the question. Michael, loved your answer. As I was looking at your story, I wondered if it could be done without variables, just using a selected state for the top rectangles: Work, Family, Sports, Other, if they were set up as a Button Set. I think it's working the same way as yours. I've attached the story here, an turned the menu on, for easy access to "your slide" or mine.

Is there any advantage or disadvantage either way?

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

ah...the geeky engineering mind. Help, I'm surrounded. My husband, my twin brother (neither of whom have a clue about Storyline), and now you

Tx for taking a look. Since I don't necessarily have an engineering mind, it was good to get confirmation that this works just as well. Wouldn't have gotten there without your foundation, so tx again!

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