Creating a study game to prepare for a certification exam

Hi everyone.  Looking for thoughts how to create this game.  I'm ok at creating traditional courses but a game would be new for me.  So any and all thoughts and details would be appreciated.  I want to create an online game similar to "Settlers of Cataan"  If you aren't familiar with it, you have to create a settlement, roads, cities etc by earning and spending resources.  I want to do the same where you win or lose resources by answering questions.  The profession I'm in is supply chain mgmt.  A supply chain is made up of a raw material supplier (s), manufacturers, distributors, retailers, customers, and trucking companies in between them all.  The goal of my game would be to answer questions correctly so you earn resources to build the components of your supply.  Any thoughts how to go about doing this?  I'm just overwhelmed on this

Thanx in advance

Chuck Nemer

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Steve Flowers

There are a couple of directions I'd lean for this.

  • The first is a practice exam that allows folks to take the exam as many times as they'd like, providing feedback on their weakest sections.
  • The second is approaching the most difficult concepts associated with the exam. If you were going to try a game, this is where I'd focus.

I think the practice exam with feedback is probably going to be the thing folks will appreciate the most. It creates a safe space for practice of the task that might be causing them stress. Provided the questions are well written, this can be a great learning mechanism as well.

Chuck Nemer

Hi Steve: This parallels my thinking.  A question on mechanics.  How would I go about adding points, tracking points, reducing points etc as learners answered questions correctly/incorrectly.  The other one that puzzles me is how, as learners build their supply chains, to visually show this.  I suspect it would be adding a layer?  But I can't quite wrap my head around this