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Antony Snow

Hi Leslie,

The 'click the tabs on the left...' instruction is only applicable if you are previewing the slide you have added the tabs interaction to. 

When you are not in prview mode, you should see the various layers (called 'Tab 1', 'Tab 2' etc.) in the bottom right of your screen under the 'Slide Layers' panel.

Each tab provides guidance on how to use this template but please feel free to post back here if you have any questions.


Leslie B

Hi Antony,

I can't see the layers in the bottom right. I've tried to put my cursor over to the right and get the "cross" to drag over. I can get the cross but then it won't drag to the left. is there some other way to open up the triggers and layers? Somehow mine have gotten minimized and i can NOT get them open. I have tried everything!