Creating a test in storyline from multiple users question banks

Aug 07, 2014

I am trying to create a very large test in story line that will have a HUGE amount of questions. Rather than wirte them all myself I would like to have multiple members of my team who also have storyline author some of the question banks and then pull all the question banks together into one single test. My problems are as follows:

1. I do not know how to export a question bank. (this will be required by all the members that are creating some of the questions for the large test)

2. How do I import the questions?... and maintain the same font and spacing and layout for all questions so that the template is the same.

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Antony Snow

Hi Ric,

There are probably a few ways that you can provide your team members with access to your Question Bank but I personally would create a .story project with it included and then save the project as a template, as described in here, and then share the .storytemplate with your team.

Once your team members have created their own QB's, you can then import them back into your project by following the steps described here.

If you are using a network drive to share your files, you and your team should follow these guidance notes to minimise any unexpected behaviour.

I hope this helps

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