Creating a Text Message Simulation

Jun 07, 2019

Hi. I am rather new to Storyline and am trying to get fancy. What I want to do is to create a realistic text message simulation where a user inputs text and the reply text accurately responds to the message. For example, user: I am happy with the project. Reply: That's fantastic. user: This project has some serious flaws. reply: like what?...etc.

Thanks in advance

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Eric Rowland

Hey Alex, 

Its very difficult to make this happen with text entry, but here is how you could do it with pre-determined options:

For example: Have a question on the screen: How do you feel about the project?

3 responses listed - user needs to select one. Then with the use of conditional triggers/variables you can have a specific response to their chosen option. You could do this a few times (well as many as you want to develop!) like a text-based branch scenario.

Text Entry can be tricky to work with especially if you have long strings of text. Because the program can only read specific words or phases. 

Visually - you can make it seem like a text message.