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Feb 26, 2015

I have an idea for a game, but I'm not sure how to make it work in Articulate 2.  I am putting together a bank of questions that asks the user to identify the right advertising technique in each question.  As they answer questions, there will be a timer going.  I don't want to have a set number of questions - the aim is to entice users to keep doing the game over and over to better their game score.  I figure I can create a variable that will keep track of how many correct responses (is there a default one that will do this?), then use that number on a blank results slide to say "Way to go, you spotted ____ advertising techniques!"  

I guess my questions is - is it possible to set up on the results slide something that compares their current score to their previous highest score?  (Note - I want this information sent to an LMS so that I can post a "leader board" for an online course). 

I don't suppose there is something similar already out there as a free template?  I had a quick look at some, but not sure how to do a more comprehensive search.  I'll keep looking, but figured someone might be able to point me in the right direction.

Many thanks!

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Trina Rimmer

Hi Wanda. Welcome to the E-Learning Heroes forums! Thanks for posting such an interesting challenge/question. 

I admit: I have no experience trying to create a Leader Board in the manner you've described so I'm hoping our heroes will come up with some ideas for you. I've Tweeted your question in the hopes of attracting some more responses!

As for the question bank, Storyline has a timer function you can enable on the Results slide. Here's a fairly comprehensive article that covers quizzing and enabling the timer.  The bad news is that Storyline needs you to specify a number of questions to pull from the bank; it's not able to pull indefinitely based on the timer. 

You can use a number variable to track and recall the number of correct responses as they go along - building their score as they complete each "phase" of the game.  Here's an example from Jeanette Brooks that demonstrates this concept.

Looking forward to hearing what others come up with in terms of the Leader Board idea. Keep us posted on how your project turns out!



Wanda Blackett

I believe I have something worked out where I have a question bank that pulls up questions randomly, and the game/quiz ends when time runs out.  Then I used the %Results.ScorePoints% to show how many responses were correct (rather than a percentage).  This worked fine when I created it in a normal slide view - however once I put the questions into a bank the results.scorepoints variable no longer works.  As well, some of the functionality disappears, namely that hitting the "Enter" button no longer submits for the questions, forcing the user to click on "submit" to move on.  Again, this worked in the regular slides, but not once put into a bank.  I would prefer to use the bank so as to allow for random questions each attempt.  

Wanda Blackett


I managed to get the question bank working and having a points score to show (both as a running score during the "game" and at the end as a "Your Score is: _#_").  I did this by creating a variable called "score" with a value of 0, then in the triggers I added to each slide to take effect when the timeline starts that it sets the variable "score" to equal to the Results.ScorePoints.  This did the trick!  Strange that it wouldn't work otherwise, and that I had to create a variable to do pretty much the same thing that the default Results.ScorePoints should do.  

However - I am still having the issue that the "Enter" button does not submit when using the question bank.  I did set it up for each question in the form view, but it only works if the questions are not in a bank.  Although users are still able to click on the "submit" button, I would prefer to have the option that they can click "Enter" just for ease of use.  

Trina Rimmer

Thanks for the file, Wanda.

While you had the "Enter" button enabled for both the Question Bank and the Regular Quiz slides, you still had the "Submit" button activated on the player for both of those slides. If you want to turn the Submit button off (so the learner can only submit by hitting "Enter" on their keyboard) try this:

From Story View, double-click on the Question Bank screen (1.1 in the example file you shared with me) and select "Edit Question Bank."

From there, you can double-click on each question to open it in Slide View.

On the base layer of each question bank slide, click the gear icon next to the base layer name and de-select the Submit button from the Slide Properties.

I hope this helps you out but let us know if you have any other questions.


Wanda Blackett

Strange that I can't leave the option for both in the bank - it works if it is just in a regular slide.  But, I do prefer the "Enter" key as opposed to the "Submit" button to allow users to go through more quickly, so I will opt for that functionality. Thanks Trina :)

The only other think that irks me is that on entering the slide the user has to use the mouse to select the text box.  I don't see any way to use a trigger to make the text box the focus on enter slide.  I've also had a look in other discussions where people are having the same problem.  Some seem to have success in placing the text field on the bottom-most layer, but that's not doing the trick for me.  Those discussions seem to be from quite a while ago - am I missing any new trick/solution??

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