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Ravi Panchal

Hey Matthew, thanks for the revert. I am not looking for Closed Captions, I only want a separate space where I can paste the transcript of the course. I have been using the Notes tab on the Storyline Player until now, however, since I have made a chrome less player the Note tab would not work. Is there a way to create a separate box beneath the course player, or on the left to display transcript?

Matthew Bibby

Not that I know of Ravi. You'd have to edit the HTML page that Storyline uses to display the course and add the text below, but then it would appear all of the time and not just when certain slides are being shown. Maybe someone else here has a better idea? But if you need to show a transcript for the whole course, using the notes makes sense. Alternatively, could you add a button to your course someone that opens a separate transcript?